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carbon buildup


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My oldest 1st cousin told that driving my at 55 or 56 miles per hour can eventually cause a lot of carbon build-up,& can eventually clog the catalytic converters. He also says every once in a while in Drive I need to blow it out.

Tell me what if any of this true?

I have almost 90K miles on this car,&I do 6K Full Synthetic Oil Changes & I live 1.5 miles the interstate, and about 4 days per week I drive about 16 miles to work. 

So far it runs like a clock, & shifts like a dream as far as I can tell.


2.4 Liter 2009 Honda➖Accord Automatic

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It is good for engines to drive with highway speeds every week or so to avoid carbon build up. You don’t need to go crazy, just highway speed for half an hour. 

So, I should be good with 20 minutes of almost exclusive highway driving, and back at about 4-5 times per week.

Check the following reply from @MountainManJoe


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I have seen that video of Scotty's on You Tube.