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why does my car struggle to start


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I have a 2.4Liter 2009 Honda-Accord with a little more than96K on it.

In August of last I change my battery at about 75K, that battery was tested just earlier today ever since Friday my car has either not started,or it starts slow, and that battery tested bad at Advance Auto Parts here where I live in Asheboro North Carolina, thankfully I still have recept,&that battery was still under warranty,so I got the same brand new battery for free. 

My question is,is Diehard are they that terrible to only last for 13 months,or  could something else be wrong?

That is the first battery that I ever bought for any of my vehicles that I have owned that lasted that short about of time.

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Did you get your alternator tested?

Yes it was load tested,&the altanator was charging the battery ,also my friend that knows more about cars that I do took the positive off the battery,and the car still ran like a clock.

well he doesn't know that much, because you should never do that

Ok,what can that do?
Seems to be fine right now.


You have to make sure that the battery is properly sized for the vehicle, good clean connections and there are no parasitic drains on the battery.

The battery does not fit the place where the battery goes,it has only 500 cold cranking amps too. I could almost fit a whole other battery where I ha e this one.
When the warranty goes out on this I will get a bigger battery that is fir sure.


Besides the correct size and minimum CCA, check the production date on the battery too. Get the one with the newest production date. 

I plan to do that when the warranty is up on this battery and when this battery gives out too.


If you suspect the battery is crap, replace it now. otherwise what you have is a lawn ornament.

why take a chance on being marooned for a few lousy bucks?

I just replaced the battery,there is brand new battery in my car now.