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Found out about a major problem on my new electric car


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Hi there Scotty, I just discovered a major problem with my brand new 2022 Kia Soul EV. I saw this video on YouTube where the guy explained that essentially his re-gen and regular brakes failed without warning and almost caused him to crash. And it was a brand new one like mine as well. There have also been other reports of older Kia Soul electrics with this same problem happening to others. And one person was unfortunately not so lucky and they hit someone. Anyways, this guy in the video also mentioned that Kia has done nothing to address the problem and when the guy contacted the company directly they wouldn’t respond too him. And the dealership service where he got the brakes fixed was crappy as well, which is also the same case where I live when we bought the car. Anyways, now I’m concerned for my moms safety as it’s her car. We do have a 10 year 160,000km warranty, but I’m not sure what to do. Should I not worry about it too much unless it happens? Or if I see this problem continue should I try and get my mom to trade it in for a different car like a Prius or a RAV4 Prime? We are required to keep the car until next august if we want to get the government incentives. We’re in Canada just fyi. Here is the video down below and the forums of other people explaining this problem. Let me know what I should do.

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I guess now we know the answer to the question of whether Kia's electric cars will be better built than their gasoline-powered models.


I would get rid of it.


I would not drive that car since you might hurt yourself or someone else. Hire a lawyer if the dealer doesn't get the car back. 

I haven’t experienced this problem yet, but not sure what I should do as it’s my moms daily driver.

Get rid of that car and buy her a Toyota or Honda.


And that’s why Scotty never recommends buying a brand new vehicle with new unknown technology (which hasn’t matured)..

And on top of that…….a Kia.

@daywalker I know right.. What more could go wrong?!


Why am I not surprised?


There are volumes of anecdotal and empirical information on why these vehicles are crap and yet, people are still buying them.  I'm so confused!


Definitely get a Honda or Toyota instead; keeping this car is not worth the risk of causing harm to herself or someone else.