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General repair for an old car


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Hi Scotty,

About 5 months ago I bought an automatic 1995 mustang with 175k miles on it that was in really good condition. The person who owned it before me bought a used GT model(5.0 Liter engine), and then modified the body and some of the equipment under the hood for the car to become a cobra. He unfortunately passed away before he could put a cobra engine in it. The car runs really well for a 27 year old sports car that was sitting in a garage for 3 years before I bought it. My only issue is that every time I've attempted to do regular maintenance work on the car, I always get really confused because I don't know if the system I'm dealing with has been modified or not. I ended up having to get 3 different serpentine belts before I found one that fit the car. What do you think is the best approach for me in whatever work that I might have to do on it in the future?

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Find a pro who works on these cars and have him check the whole car (especially under the hood) to let you know what you are dealing with.


Get a Factory Service Manual if you can