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R33 nissan skyline GT hard to shift into first gear after hour of driving


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Hello, I have a bone stock manual 94 nissan skyline GTST manual with 115k km.

I recently found out where to set the clutch throw limit, but after  an hour of driving in the heat it's not easy to shift into first gear. It runs really well before everything gets extreme temperature.

If I extend the old short disengagement it will not disengage properly at redline.

I'm running Lucas Dot3 brake fluid in the old clutch lines, with a small amount of nissan Dot3 right now.

I'm running a rebuilt master cylinder, nismo slave cylinder, all new oem clutch and flywheel setup without a new fork only.

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Dot 3 is for 3 for the most part so that shouldn’t really be of concern .  What kind of shape is the clutch/throw out bearing in? If beginning to wear down then temp could be a factor for issues 

The brand new parts are as they came. Deemed to not be the issue as soon as they went in.

I am waiting on a new R34 master cylinder to try, and I could get one new rubber clutch line only.
The only way to get some stuff is sea freight.


Make sure you have properly bled the hydraulic clutch system of air.  It may not be disengaging properly for first gear engagement.