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  1. Register: If you decide to sign up for an account, DO NOT use your email address as your display name or nickname. This increases the amount of spam and scam email you get, and puts you at more risk of account hacking. Do not put your email, physical address, phone number or any other personal information in your posts. Discussion happens here in the forum only, and we will not contact you by any of those methods.
  2. Read the rules. We expect everyone to know them, and offenders will be removed without warning.
  3. Read the FAQ: We have a list of the most commonly asked questions in the forum. Check the list before you ask.
  4. Search: Use the search box in the top right corner and search keywords about your problem. There is a very good chance that somebody has already asked the same question, and the solution has been posted. Our generous members have volunteered their precious free time to write thoughtful answers, so please don't make them repeat themselves.
  5. Posting a question: Click on "Submit Your Question HERE", and then the red "Ask a question" button. Write a clear, concise descriptive title. Please include a brief description of the problem in the title. Don't just put your vehicle model. "Help me" or "I have a problem" are bad titles. You will receive more help with a good title such as "How do I fix a vibrating Corolla motor". Do not shout at us in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
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  6. Vehicle details: Please, please... Always provide your vehicle info, even if you think it doesn't matter. Scotty only answers questions once, and the more info you provide, the more accurate his/our answer will be. Get it right the first time. We can't help you properly if we don't have all the details. At minimum: Year, Make, Model, Odometer reading, Transmission. Engine type, related aftermarket accessories etc. and the more additional information about the problem that can provide, the better answer you will get. For instance: if you need help identifying a sound, tell us approximately where it's coming from, and when it happens... If you have an electrical problem, measure your voltage etc.
    Submit Your Question HERE Ask Scotty Community
  7. Troubleshooting details: If you are asking about a problem that you have already started working on, then please list all the troubleshooting you have already done.  It can be very frustrating when a member takes time and types out an in-depth thoughtful answer with troubleshooting steps for someone, only to find out they were already tried. So please, don't waste your time or ours. Tell us everything.
  8. Photos/video: Troubleshooting a problem via internet without the vehicle in front of you is challenging enough. When you start describing "that metal thing, is hitting that rubber part , which isn't pointing in the right direction", we have no idea what you're talking about. Just take SEVERAL good pictures with your smart phone. Upload them to a image sharing site (such as and paste the direct image links into your question. Better yet, if it's something that moves, or a sound that you hear, then upload a video to and post the link.  It's really easy with the app. This will help immensely with troubleshooting.
  9. Be polite: This really goes a long way when asking for help. People here volunteer their free time to help you because they enjoy it. They could be doing something else. Sometimes you may not get a satisfactory answer.  Misunderstandings happen. Restate or clarify your question, or just thank them and solicit additional answers. If you are rude, we will ignore or poke fun at you. Drama won't be tolerated at all.
  10. DO NOT press the red "Ask a question" more than once. Press once, then wait for the website to process your submission (spinning icon top right). Be patient as it could be busy with traffic. Mashing the button will send your question to the spam queue.
  11. Give credit: When your question has been resolved, click the check-mark icon next to the best given answer. This will (1) update the status of the question so everyone knows it was solved and (2) credit the person who provided the best answer.
  12. Multiple questions: Please post each question separately. You will get less answers if you lump them together.
  13. Stay on topic: Stick to the subject of the topic. Do not derail or hijack people's questions. Do not use a car question as an opportunity to preach about unrelated things or things you want get off your chest. Avoid polarizing topics like race/religion/politics etc unless it directly pertains to an automotive question. (for example, legislation about repairing/selling cars).
  14. Don't feed the trolls.
  15. Answering questions: You think you know the answer to somebody's question and you want to help them out. That's great. We really appreciate it. Please enter your answer at the bottom of the page in the box labelled "Your Answer". If you use the comments box to post your answers, they will be deleted.

Thanks and have fun!

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Please understand you are coming here looking for help and to take advantage of Scotty’s expertise as well as other mechanics that participate in the forum. We do what we do because we love it and we love helping people. We take time away from our other activities, jobs, our families and loved ones to spend time on here helping others. If you didn’t need help you wouldn’t be here asking for it, so don’t get upset if you get answers or advice you don’t like or agree with. Everyone has thier own way of doing things and opinions, know that and respect it please. 

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