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Transmission fix for my Fusion


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My transmission starting to slip a little sometimes I was told putting in lucas would just end up making it cost more to rebuild cause it gums it up hasanyone tried bars leak dual action transmission fix? I have the 6f35 transmission in my fusion one shop told me 3000-4500$ the other 2800-3400$ and the last shop I called said they don't touch them cause they haven't been able to get on right "they don't take to a rebuild" I'd have to call someone else can so.ebody please help before I dump the wrong thing In. Also I seen remanufacterd transmissions online for $2400 but where do I have them sent who installs them cause they want the old one back am I just on my own to find so.eone to put it in if I go that route?

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if you’re going the rebuilding route - find a shop that gives a warranty. Check online if there are any people complaining that they don’t honor their warranties… if there are avoid that place.


where I live the minimum given on a rebuilt tranny is 3 months, usually unless it’s some pile of garbage it’s even 6 months.

ordering a rebuilt tranny and installing it is a reasonable option, it really depends on labor prices but where I live it’s usually $200-$350 to take it out and put another one in…


Have you tried finding a good used transmission form a wrecked car? Usually these are relatively cheap… 


Personally when I'm planing to keep a car for a while I go and shop for a used transmission in advance (currently am looking for a unit for my automated manual corolla)

Rebuilding a modern gearbox that is worn out (and doesn’t have a specific fault) and make last for any reasonable mileage is borderline impossible… but some places do manage to do that, but here it’s important to have some warranty as often you’ll end up using it.


Why I never tried that so I can't say. And of course with rebuilt transmissions they're only good as the people who rebuild them in a lot of guys don't know what the hell they're doing a lot of times it's better to get another vehicle

Can't afford it too much negative equity in this one scotty. When you said you seen lucas work miricals do I have to take a quart out first on transmission shop I talked to said no but idk if I should trust them


Unless you’re low on ATF, yes, take out a quart of your fluid & add in the Lucas fluid. 

Are factory remanufactured transmissions an option for your car?

Yea but from the ford dealer there over 7grand total

And jasper transmission website said they don't have any


Any legitimate rebuilt trans outfit will ship it to your shop, repack the old core and send it back, at your expense of course.

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Hey I took out a quart of transmission fluid today and added a bottle of lucas today car shifted good. Im just curious does anybody know the real reason why the bottle says it safe to add even if your not low on fluid?

please add to your original question instead of starting a new one for each update. Thanks.