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Yes, starting with a new car questions and answers forum here. Join in on the fun

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  1. We bought a Volvo S40 2005 manual with 160000 miles … recently had to replace the gearbox.. what should I look out for and is this car a reli car

    • Depress clutch fully at correct RPMs, listen rather than looking down at your TACH and keep her under 55MPH for first 100 miles, & enjoy.
      It probably wasn’t your fault, a bit of metal chipped off the fork and the gears ground it & themselves up.
      Save the receipt to show to new owner when you sell it, next week if your smart.
      Just kidding, get the euro medallion for 300,000 Klms and stick it on the grill to impress your transmission mechanic he’ll be your best friend by then.

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