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coolant flush


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I have a 2017 honda accord with almost 28k miles on it. I was just told that i needed a coolant flush while getting an oil change. He showed me some little device and basically said that it was weak. I thought that the orginal honda long life coolant was supposed to be good for 100k miles before service was necessary.

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check the owner's manual or read the label on the bottle. It probably says something like 100k or 5 years, whichever comes first.

Has it been topped up with water?

You can pick up a tester for a few bucks and test it yourself.


i bought it used from a dealership seven months earlier. i never put water in it or did anything. thank for input. just seems ridiculous to me.

seems ridiculous that cars need maintenance???

no that coolant would need to be changed out so soon. that is all.


What does your owner’s manual say regarding the coolant flush interval? 

does not specify anything


I thought it was good for 100000 miles too probably the dealer trying to over sell stuff.  That is what they do.

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it wasn't dealership but it was an oil change place. i know the owner and he came by a few minutes later so i could pay for it. he seemed to be ok with it. i don't know. seemed ridiculous to me. thank you.

LOL! of course the seller was OK with it. LoL He's trying to get rid of it!


You are getting scammed.

thank you

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thank you very much for responses. appreciate it 


i don't care what any body says. 100,000 miles? come on, its gonna last that long?

i change mine every two years, regardless of miles.

a little spent on maintenance versus a lot on repair

thank you. yeah they said the car is almost 5 years old regardless of miles it should be changed.