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Should I buy this 2003 Buick LeSabre?


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Hello Scotty, Interested In buying a 2003 Buick LeSabre Custom 63,000 miles. One owner never driven in the winter. Absolutely no rust.Immaculant inside and out and everything works perfect and it rides like a dream. 3.8 liter V6 automatic transmission. Inspected until 4/22. Private party will accept $4,500.00 does this sound like a reasonable price. Thank you.

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If a mechanic checks it out and says he sure that's the real mileage go ahead with the prices today

Thanks Scotty, I Really appreciate and respect your Input and knowledge. I enjoy watching your channel and videos everyday and I am always looking forward to the next adventure of Scotty! Thanks for giving us good solid honest advice and making it fun. Thank you to everyone for your input and answers. The LeSabre is owned by a couple who purchased it new when they were in their 60's and are now in their 80's and only drove the car in spring and summer and in nice weather and drive a Toyota rave 4 In the winter. So I am sure the mileage is the real deal. I plan to do the same and drive my truck in the winter. Thanks again everyone!


I used to have one, drove like an absolute menace & it held up for years. Sold it perfectly running at 150k. Make sure the transmission is okay that's their weak point. Mine also went thru window motors so check them out, if ones bad knock him down $300 bc thats about what they cost XD


I back up what @nta98 says. I have a 2001 Regal (same engine). I did have to replace the transmission at one point, and it does seem to eat up window regulators, but you can get aftermarket replacements and do them yourself pretty cheaply. I have 291,000 miles on the original engine and it still runs fine. And like Scotty says, I don't think you'll find anything as clean as that at a better price.


The 3.8 is one of the better made engines out there. The car is big and roomy with a decent  trunk. Plenty of room for you and all your stuff. Try putting your golf clubs in a Corolla! Surprised  

Will it last forever?  Will you?

Will you have to put some money into it over time? Sure. There's no gaurantee that a new anything won't go belly up.


An 18 year old car with 63K miles???  I don't think so.

It’s possible especially if an elderly person drove it.

Anything is possible, but not likely.