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2007 Hyundai sonata 3.3L v6 trans code


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I have a 07 sonata with 289,400miles. Today I checked my check engine light and code p0711 shown. Its says bad trans fluid temp sensor. Can I drive with it. Trans still strong just dont want to mess anything up

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Follow the instructions under "Diagnostic and Repair Procedures".

Don't just throw money at the problem.


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P0711 is Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor Range Performance. You have to replace the transmission fluid temperature sensor. Considering that your car is close to 300k, replace the sensor now before driving.

Well I've reseted the code to see if it comes back first. Could maybe have a fault at that one time. I'll see if it comes back. Where is the sensor located? Is it easy to get to?

You have to remove the pan to get to the sensor- it's a pain to get to.

Well I reseted the code and I hope it doesn't come back.


your description is incorrect. The code definition is not "bad sensor".

But if the problem does turn out to be the sensor, then here's a step-by-step. It was one of the 1st results in a web search.