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[Solved] 2008 Subaru front axle noise


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2008 manual transmission Subaru Outback with 110,000 miles has a "clunking" sound (Or a sound like two gears not meshing smoothly) when turned left or right.  No noise when driving straight.  It will only do it after the car is driven about 6 miles.  Both front axles were replaced with after market axles and the problem was not corrected.

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Did the mechanic diagnose the problem? 

If he only guessed with new parts, it may be time to find another mechanic, atleast for a proper diagnosis. 

This is an update on the son's Subaru (Lives 3 hours from me). He took it to a Subaru dealer and they diagnosed it to be the front differential which now make total sense to me because it is related to turning left and right (I should have known that!). That is why the half shafts did not fix the problem. Another thing that threw me off is differentials are usually the last things to break. My experience is they are trouble free.

With 110,000 miles, when was the differential oil last changed?

Please check out this thread. It seems to match the symptoms from your son’s vehicle -


The first thing you should do is find where exactly it's coming from.

What aftermarket brand of front axles did you buy? Where is it made and how much did you pay for it?

The front axles were purchased from Performance Online (POL) out of Denver. I do not know the brand name they sell. They cost about $150 (per my son). This is my son's car who lives 3 hours away The axles did not fix the problem, his mechanic put the original ones back in the car and said it is in the transmission. Now my son wants me to fix it! It is a standard transmission. This still sounds more like an axle problem, which seems to go bad more often than the transmission.


Did you provide the supplier with your VIN to get the exact part?  It's not the transmission.