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[Solved] 2013 FIAT 500 P0302 Code


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Hey Scotty ( fellow RI here ) - I have a 2013 Fiat 500 pop. I parked the car for 3 days, when I went to start it, I got a P0302 code. I changed out the coild pack ( swapping #2 with #3 ) -  same code. I checked for spark with my spark plug tester, great spark. All spark plugs have been replaced.  I can not figure this one out. Any idea, or do you want to fix it


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Finally did a compression check .  0 psi in cylinder #2.  Check the cylinder with my borascope and there is a valve stuck open .


looks like I found the problem , but not looking forward to this repair job.

I don't have a garage to work in, so I have to wait for warmer weather 

That would certainly cause a misfire. Sorry it turned out to be such a serious problem but thanks for letting us know.

I'm sorry to hear that.
Please keep us updated on what's the root cause of the failure.
Sadly, as far as I remember the Fiat 500 pop has a 1.4L MultiAir with a very complex head, I think even with tappets being integrated into the variable valve lift system (head designs vary in the FIAT FIRE family, and the exact model number of the engine you have is written on the exhaust side of the engine, on the side of the accessories, where the engine head means the engine block)


Check for anything that might be interfering with normal combustion, such as a vacuum leak or bad compression in that cylinder. Fuel trims might give a clue.



Assuming you have the naturally aspirated FIAT 169A3000 engine: generally, these 1980s "Robotised Engine"s famously do not have an oil separator, so first clean the throttle and the first intake MAP sensor. When you're starting the car, on a cold start, does it have the fiat brief blue smoke?

Also, perform a dry/wet compression test - pistons and rings on these are crap.

It also definitely could be the injectors, usually they leak and cause very high fuel consumption and very negative fuel trims - check for that.

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Vin number is 3C3CFFAR6DT747966

No smoke at all... Was running great until I let it sit for 3 days. I will do a compression check as soon as this snow storm passes.