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50,000 miles escalade or lexus


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Hey Everyone, I have a 2006 GX470 done about 277,000 miles so far and has been very reliable with me throughout the last 2.5 years.Over the past few months I really liked how GM trucks look like especially the 2000-2006 models and I like how they drive. I was wondering if it would be a reasonable decision to change to a 2005 escalade I found here. Gulf specs, first owner, 50,000 genuine miles it is his secondary car and didn't drive it much throughout his years of ownership. Would it be a good swap? Especially that I would save almost 3500 $ in price difference? 

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Well I never buy a modern Escalade but if you could get one r around 2000 they were still building them good then. . I'd be very leery about something that low mileage whether it was real or not

Thanks scotty

Thanks scotty


I would keep what you got.



Buying a used car like that is risky, it may have leaky seals all over the place, and/or rust. However, that gen tahoe/yukon/escalade was the last of the good ones. The 5.3 & 6.0 vortec motors are among the best. The transmissions are the weak point, its not uncommon for those things to be on a 3rd transmission and original motor. (They usually go between 125-150k). The thing is if its the RWD/4WD drivetrain it has a 4L60e transmission, any good shop can rebuild one of these no problem, super common trans for GM. They are a complete pig on gas millage.

I will add this, they came with either a RWD/4WD drivetrain, or an AWD setup. I would only consider the RWD/4WD system, for gas mileage reasons and complexity issues with an older car. 

If a mechanic looks it over and says its in good shape, yeah not a bad idea. But dont be shocked if some electronic features dont work as they did 17 years ago. 

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Gulf specs,

What does this mean?

Thanks a lot for your valuable response, gulf specifications which is a car made specifically for the gulf region

hm. Being from Philadelphia I've never heard of this.

Haha, yes it is because I live in the UAE


If you have been doing good maintenance on the GX, and the previous owners did, it can go for a lot longer without issues. They are becoming in demand for 4x4 enthusiasts, even if you put another 100k on it, and it was in decent condition you could sell it for $5000 on a bad day.

If it were me, I would not consider trading your GX unless I got at least $6000 and the Escalade, even then you are trading for a mystery vehicle that hasn't been driven much, that scares me.  I would really need the $6000 bad before considering it too.

Plenty of videos of high mileage GX470's around, here is one with almost double your mileage.

Keep in mind that I am a biased GX470 owner.



I agree they are excellent cars to the point that they get "boring" hahaha. It never leave you stranded, doesn't require major repairs over extended period of time, you start it it starts anytime anywhere

Yes it is on the boring side. Part of the reason I chose it over a 4runner, was first off I got a good deal, but also that it has a super cushy ride. My old 4runner was great, but it rode like an old truck, and after a long trip my back was hurting. The lexus is comfy, easy driving on a long trip, and can get through some seriously nasty conditions, with proper tires anyway. Boring too that I don't have that...exciting feeling of something randomly breaking all the time.


GX. 💯