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A/C low side has high pressure


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Hello I’m needing some help with a 2010 Toyota Corolla S with the 1.8L, I recently replaced the expansion valve and condenser on my A/C system thinking it would fix the problem. Originally the car would throw cold air only in cooler climates and when the car was cold, ounce the car warmed up or the day warmed it’s stopped throwing cold. After I replaced the condenser and expansion valve I vacuumed the system and checked for leaks all was good, I then charged the system it seemed to work for a while then back to throwing hot air it went. I then decided to recover the refrigerant and vacuum the system for a 15 mins. After I tried putting the refrigerant back in, the low side gauge went all the way to retard with just a little bit of refrigerant I put in. Now I’m searching for advice. please and thank you.

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The parts cannon doesn't usually result in a good outcome. What is the high side pressure? I cannot tell from your description if the low side is pulling down to vacuum ("retard") or pressure is actually too high. What are the pressure readings on both sides in psi while the compressor is running?

Right now the low side is maxed out and high side at 100, when it was working intermittent low side was at 100 and high side 190