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Advise on German cars


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good evening gentlemen

I ‘d like to buy used German car from 11-15 models (bmw,Mercedes,Audi ) 

Any recommendation , is there any reliable options? Thx

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none of the late model german cars are reliable, especially when they get to the age you're talking about. a 2015 one will be 9 years old. They do have low resale value if you want a cheap toy but don't get it as a daily as the get expensive to fix when they get to that age. Parts especially if you're not in or near Germany. But if it has low mileage and you don't plan on keeping it for too long it might be ok as a daily. a lot of people buy german cars especially those who buy it used and then they find out they can't afford the maintenance and it all gets deferred and then when it gets passed down to the second or third or fourth owner you end up with a nightmare 



I owned a 2007 BMW X5, from 2016-2020.  From 160K miles to 200K miles. And owning one taught me a lot about cars and how different makes engineer their vehicles.

They are amazing vehicles.  And they are relatively reliable. But, and a huge but… they are also expensive to maintain.

Many things may need repair or maintenance like any other car.  It just cost so much more on a BMW.

FWIW, I spent more money on those 4 years of BMW ownership on repairs and maintenance than I did on my 1999 Honda Accord in 21 years.

General advice: avoid German cars unless you want to throw down some $$$. 

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With that said, the only German car I might consider is the Toyota Supra made by BMW ...

This is the only German car I would consider:

Hahahahah. Well, if we are going that old! That car is amazing.

They are cool. Though I'd give some thought to this one as well if I wanted something a bit bigger:


I would advise not getting one. I grew up with a cousin high up in audi, and he got "deals!" for some in the family. Those junkers were regulars at the mechanic with massive bills, that was back in the 80's and 90s.

In 2010 I worked with a ladt that had just got rid of her Audi, I didn't say anything about what I though of them and asked how she liked it. She said it was a pretty good car until it hit 60k and everything started breaking.

The only german car that I hear can last some time, is a diesel VW, preferably with a manual transmission, made in germany. I would still never get one, not when I can get a toyota that will last me hundreds of thousands of miles past the death of the VW.



What is your budget for keeping the thing alive? 

What do you want in the car, SUV looks? luxury sedan? practicality? power? fuel consumption? 

Also I'm guessing you're in Europe?



Scotty's advice at 3:54


With that said, the only German car I might consider is the Toyota Supra made by BMW, and BMW cars with the similar B38 and ZF 8 Speed transmission. Even though it will still cost an arm and a leg to maintain, Toyota’s version of the B38 is supposed to be the most reliable. But that’s all just theory. We will be getting some hard data soon on how well those hold up. It’s been a few years since its release. But seriously, it’s still a money pit.