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Can someone help me identify what this is?


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I have an engine that recently has started doing this. It hesitates almost as if it doesn't want to turn on due to no air pressure or something. It only happens within the first minute of start up. At times it backfires and makes a minor popping in the exhaust almost as if it struggles to breathe even though it has a new filter and has good air ventilation. Not only it hesitates but it also makes this weird knocking noise inside the engine and I can't seem to figure out exactly what it is. It goes away after a minute once it warms up and it doesn't seem to do it anymore. Once it's warmed up it drives just fine with no problems, it's only the first minute within start up. Can one of you guys identify what is wrong with it?

Please tell us the year/make/model/mileage/codes(if any)

I don't see how that would make a difference since the video says it's a Chrysler VVT 2.4L engine which is used in many different models. But it is 2014 Chrysler 200 with 128k miles. No engine light, no codes present

To give a better idea of possible issues.

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I'm not sure if the noise I hear in this clip comes from the engine. Start with checking the serpentine belts and all the pulleys. 

When you get yourself close it's inside the engine, it's not a pulley or anything. When you put your ear close to the engine it's inside

Check the engine oil pressure. Do you also access to live data?

I actually don't have access to it but I myself don't know much about cars and all I can say is that the oil on the dip stick is full and clean and doesn't seem to burn oil as I change the oil on it. I had suspicions it could be the oil pump but I'm not fully sure