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Steering wheel vibrates @ 60 + mph


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Hi my name Is Ryan and I drive a Nissan Maxima 2010 S, and I noticed when I’m driving 60 plus mph my steering wheel vibrates I changed my rack and pinion which which includes the tire rod, also fixed my lose wheel bearings, got a tire alignment, rotated, and balanced my tires, and checked my tires to see if I need new ones but my tires was fine

But it still didn’t stop the problem so I took it to Firestone they told me that I didn’t have hub rings for all four of my tires because I have aftermarket wheels so I just ordered today but if that doesn’t fix the problem what else may be the problem? 6/22/2022

Taking it to Firestone was a bad mistake.

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Posted by: @ryanchea

I changed my rack and pinion which which includes the tire rod

Why did you have it replaced? Any symptoms?

Posted by: @ryanchea

because I have aftermarket wheels

Switch back to stock rim + tire specifications and check if the steering wheel still shakes, at speed. If it still persists with stock wheel specifications, watch this -

I checked my shafts or cv joints and axles their all good anymotha suggestions?

Yeah, take it to a front end and alignment shop that specializes in brakes, steering, suspension, etc.
That’s what they deal with 9 hours a day, 6 days a week. Probably they could diagnose the problem.


Have your tie rod ends checked.