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Should I buy this Expedition


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Hey everyone, I wanted to ask would an expedition 2012 in Excellent shape in a showroom done about 90,000 kms be a good choice for a family and how is its reliability compared to lexus. Note I have a GX470 almost 450,000 km and has been very good to me for the past 3 years but got bored of it want to try something new but reliable or close reliability and if not  what are other suggestions than Toyota or lexus that has a reliable full size suv? 

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If boring means the car starting whenever you turn the key and it takes you to your designation and brings you back without trouble then boring is good. Toyota/Lexus are in this category of boring. We've had a sequoia in our house since the very first generation and it's still going without any issues and it has a lot of room; it's big. Check out different Toyota and Lexus options out there and see if you find anything else you might like. But when it comes to reliability it's Toyota/Lexus for the segment you are interested in. 

I guess anything when you get used to it becomes boring but toyota/lexus boring is good as you said. I will look into the 2nd gen Sequoia maybe


I would personally run the Lexus until the wheels fall off but if you want to change from Toyota then the Expedition is the way to go

  1. keep in mind if you're going to want to use the third row and also have luggage space it may not be a bad idea to try to find the extended edition (el)


I have that throught in my mind btw to just run the car till the end of its life which I think will be really long if taken car off especially as I drive only about 10,000 miles per year

That's the big problem with Toyota's
I don't think an expedition will handle quite as good as the Lexus GX probably won't have quite as good pickup and you're definitely not going to have as many features even if you get the limited

Depending on the year of your Lexus there is a pretty good chance it's actually worth more than Expedition see if you could find someone who wants to trade

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got bored of it

Spend a grand or two and spruce it up. A complete professional detailing, new sound system, a HUD..

How about a tiger in the cabin along with an exterior gold vinyl wrap?

Hahaha nice one yes I think 2 grand or less can bring it to an almost new shape

2 grand and you get a rejuvenated reliable workhorse vs 40 grand for a whole new kettle of fish. Decisions, decisions..


Now I admit, I wouldn't easily let go of my GX470. It drives terrific, and is super reliable.

However, it is limited if your family exceeds five. The picture that @itwt put up, looks like a LX470 I think, those have an additional several inches that allow the third row to have ample room for full sized people.

Sadly the GX470 third row seating is laughable. Although I have a friend with 2 kids under 10 years old, and they just can fit in the third row.

If you need the third row, my suggestion would be to look for a Sequoia. The ones built until about 2010 share a ton of the same parts as the GX470, including the transmission and engine,  which are some of the best Toyota ever made.

Sadly he Sequoia is even more boring than the GX, you won't have hardly any exciting moments of wondering what is broke, why the car won't start, or what strange noise is coming from the engine. 

It will just get you from A to B in comfort, well C also, being a gas station which is visited even more frequently than with the GX.

Yes me too I have been thinking of letting go of it for the past 1.5 years but eventually I just keep it because I think very few cars reach its reliability and quality status


Keep the Lexus. I wouldn't think the Expedition wouldn't be as dependable as your current vehicle is. Yeah, the Expeditions are pretty decent SUVs, and it has the big V8 (a big plus about that) but you getting used to the quality the Lexus has, I'd keep it until until it pukes and keep taking great care of it too if I were you. 

Thank you all for your valuable comments


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