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Front end clunk 2018 VW Atlas 54,000 miles


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Heard and felt a clunk making tight left hand turn into a parking spot on a slight downward slope. Only been able to duplicate once. Steering tight and quiet making turns dead slow in empty parking lot and while driving normal speed. While stopped if the steering wheel is wiggles left and right I can here and feel the clunk. Turning wheels tight left and rocking the steering wheel (not violently and while stopped ) I can feel and hear the clunk. Turning wheels all the way right and doing the same there’s barely anything noise wise.

VW mechanic at dealer says it’s a bad steering rack but the service advisor said he has the same vehicle they already replaced the rack on his and it was not help.


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If it’s not just the rack, check the entire steering column. If it’s not that either, move to the front end parts of your vehicle. The clunk has got to be in there somewhere.

Load test them all.

Just shows you how well VW is building their vehicles..

Yeah it seems it actually sway bar link. Don’t get me started on the third set of catalytic converters (internal stuff breaking loose and rattling), leaking water pump, lower grill shutters replaced, HVAC recirc motor and door assy replaced and only 56K miles great build quality!!

Thanks for your feedback by the way

Wait, what?! All those part replacements in a 3yr old VW?