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2012 Chevrolet Cruze Hard Shifting while AC is on.


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2012 chevy cruze, 1.4 turbo, 103k miles.

i noticed today my car shifts hard while driving. The ac is on and its about 80 out when it happened. I didn’t notice it in the morning while going to work. Ac is not on then. Any thoughts? Ac is working quite nicely though. 

Did you scan the vehicle for codes?

No lights came on. Would codes pop up even with no warning lights?

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I think either the compressor is worn out and dragging down the engine, or the transmission control module isn't adapting the shifts to the added load of AC. Either way, it's job for a diagnostic tools and a skilled technician.

Hopefully you are right. They are under warranty. But the ac is nice and cold. Hasnt been nice and cold the past year; which is why im surprised.


Does it have enough transmission fluid? When is the last time it was changed?

I had a transmission seal replaced about 28k miles ago. Tech said all the fluid poured out and they had to replace it.

Could have been damaged if it was run low on fluid. Those are not the most robust transmissions around. It needs to be diagnosed by a transmission expert.

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Transmission, compressor and computer modules are under and extended warranty

If it's a warranty issue, then get a trained mechanic to physically start diagnosing this. I wouldn't be wasting my time with armchair internet troubleshooting.

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2012 Chevy Cruze, 1.4L Turbo, 103k miles.

So, recently my car has been shuddering when I accelerate, delayed shifting, like it feels like it is dragging and seems to shift late and all over the place, and I have noticed excessive fuel consumption. Like, I used almost a quarter of a tank going to work and back. 34 mile round trip on a car that averages 35mpg. Now, the kicker, I recently turned the ac on because it is now 90 every day by me. Please, any suggestions? Transmission, compressor and computer modules are under and extended warranty so I’m not terribly worried but it is still annoying af. Thanks.

please put something more descriptive than "messed up" in your question title. Thanks.