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1997 Honda Civic problems


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Hello Scotty I have a honda civic 1.4is 1997. I have a few questions. I have a problem with the engine it burn a lot of oil. I have a overhaul and now is working fine no burning oil. But I have poor accelerate very poor but the engine is working fine. I change the hole exhaust including the mainfold because it was full of cracks. I change the spark plugs cables. I also change the spark plugs I change the map sensor and olso o2 sensor on the exhaust system but the problem is still here. I am now working on fuel sistem I check the fuel filter it was durty I am waithing the new one. I inspect and clean the fuel injectors but I don't like how they work and I order a new ones I am waithing them to... If you have some advace for me please send me a text becouse I really like the car especially the old 1997 Honda engine is so good made and strong besides the problems that have it won't let you down... Thank you good day

Sorry, no one from here is going to send you a text. (Anyone claiming to do so would be fraudulent.) Do not post personal information in a public forum.

Scotty picks what questions he answers here and in his videos - he cannot answer them all but others may do so here on the forum.

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Well it could be the fuel injectors are clogged up. Try some good cleaner in the gas tank or pay a mechanic to pressure clean the fuel injection system. That's a common problem as they age