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Is it worth it to fix my transmission


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im having slippage when I tried to drive my gears were going very fast but I was going about 20/30 miles also it was making a very loud noise while driving like a humming noise. I have a dodge caravan 2017  with 105,000 miles on it. It just started out of no where but I need to know is it worth it to fix it or should I buy a new one since I still owe a year and a half on this car now.

Have you scanned it for codes?

Also what prior maintenance has been done on this van, and is it subject to a recall as past Dodge's have been? That might be something to check into to see if there's a recall before tossing in the towel just yet?

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Scan the vehicle for codes. Did you change the transmission fluid and filter?

Posted by: @fgonzalez85

Is it worth it to fix my transmission

Is the vehicle worth putting $4k into?


Before you get too ahead of yourself, visit a transmission specialist for an opinion.