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Is the 2009 Toyota Venza a good car?


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Looking at a reliable car to get me from home and then to school. Is it a good car?

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Realize that the 2009 is the first model year of that car production and compare to the next ones has more issues. If you really want the car, have your mechanic fully check the car. 


It’s basically a Camry IIRC. And Camry’s usually have a good reputation. 


Venzas were good cars. But @yaser is right: that was the first year. I would definitely get it checked out prior to purchase by a mechanic.


That (1st) generation extended from model year 2009 to 2015.  They were solid vehicles, but 2009-2011 had some issues (rattle noise from steering column and leaking engine oil cooler pipe) that required TSB to address (the steering column fix alone was over $1,000 out of warranty due to cost of parts), so if you can look for a 2012-2015 instead.  See below: