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2015 Nissan juke 1.2 dig-t dies intermittently


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Hello to everyone.. I have a problem with my nissan juke 1.2 dig-t 2015 model 80.000 miles.. When is in 3rd gear and about 4500rpm the car dies for less than a second and after pull up again normally.. The same thing with 4th gear at 4000rpm...1st and 2nd gear have no problem... No faulty codes or anything... I have cleaned map's, change spark plugs, air filter, engine oil, fuel filter... Please help me because I can't find a solution

Manual? CVT? DCT?

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Posted by: @andreas3

juke 1.2 dig-t (...) I'm owner for 8 months..

Consider selling it onwards, that engine is a nightmare - does it burn oil?

There's a reason why that engine was made only for 5 years until it was discontinued.


Your transmission may be going out on you. When is the last time the fluid was changed?

I'm owner for 8 months.. I neven check the transmition fluid

Is it manual or automatic? (That 1.2 model is not sold in the U.S. - most vehicles here are automatic.) If manual transmission then it's more likely your engine is cutting out at high rpm.