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How do I fix Camshaft Position Sensor trouble code


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2000 Toyota Camry LE 

2.2 L, 4Cyl 

Odo 256,500

Hello, I had an engine code for PO401 for Camshaft Position Sensor but I have already replaced that and still has been saying it also my car tends to act a bit weird, out of timing and such, I've already replaced almost everything with sensors and spark plugs, I have been told if it's something to do with the ECM? Maybe it's dirty, could that be the answer? I've already been doing alot of replacements, I just wanna be sure before I get to it. Thanks 

2 Answers

P0401 is an indication of a bad EGR valve, not a cam positioning sensor.

I stand corrected, I met what I'm getting is a PO340