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Rattling sound in the rear


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I have a 2013 Chevrolet Captiva LT.  It has about 144k miles on it.  I purchased it just over a year ago, and boy what a nightmare this car has turned out to be!  I've spent more on repairs that the car is worth!   Anyway, intermittently when I'm running the A/C I hear a knocking sound that is coming from the rear of the vehicle AND only when in drive.  If I'm in park, no noise ... if I turn OFF the A/C, no noise.  Very strange. The air is nice and cold, no problems there.  Any advice?

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My only guess is the AC makes the engine wobble a bit more causing something to rattle in the exhaust system.

Thank you Carlos!!!


Yes you hit the nail on head it is a rolling piece of crap. But you turn the AC on it's strange the engine a little it makes things rattle if you really want to find out what the noise is do as in my video finding the source of car noises Scotty

A rolling piece of crap. Yep, sounds about right! I can't afford to get a newer car, but man oh man, these repairs! And now I have yet another oil leak AND it just started leaking coolant two days ago. I'm ready to cry. Thanks for your help and I will follow your recommendations. Thank you!