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Tacoma / Tundra Li-ion jump starter question


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I was watching Scotty’s video on Li-ion jump starters and would like to put one on my 2017 Tacoma (my every day truck) and my 2009 Tundra (barn / plow truck not used regularly). 

A couple of years ago my Tacoma battery was dead, I was in a hurry and jumped it with my battery chargers 250 amp jump start option. Long story short it fried the abs attenuator, dealer quoted $2,200 to replace (between eBay and my mechanic I got a salvaged one in for $500). 

went to a Tacoma site, found a similar thread and it was decided to never jump start a Tacoma by that method cause it’ll fry the abs attenuator. Since then I unhook the battery and use the trickle to recharge the battery (I listen to the satellite radio in the truck when I’m working in my garage which is why I tend to drain the battery when it starts getting old). 

my long winded question is will one of these Li-ion jumpers or the super capacitor fry my abs again? I’m only going to use these in an emergency situation. At home I’ll still use the trickle charger. 


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If I am correct , and I could be wrong, the issue with jump chargers frying Electronics has to do with them having large capacitors in them that can release power even when unplugged and off. It isn’t just a Tacoma problem. Proper usage of them would be leave them unplugged and off, short the charger cables together for a few seconds, then hookup the battery, plug it in then turn it on. Soon as truck starts turn it off, unplug then disconnect. The LI-Ion packs don’t have large capacitors in them that can discharge so they shouldn’t be an issue. 

This is the way I have done it for a long time and havent fried anything. Someone adlib additional info or correct me if I am mispeaking please.