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Thoughts on the 2013 Ford Mustang GT


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Hey? I bought a 2013 Ford Mustang GT with 16k miles and was curious how reliable the 5.0l Coyote was. From my understanding, they can run for a long time if you don't rag them and be hard on them, but since I intend on being a longterm owner of the vehicle, I was just wondering your input on how solid the car and engine is?

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That is true as long as you take care of them and don't rag them they can last quite some time


Those engines were solid.  Hopefully, it didn’t have a rough life in the first 16,000 miles!  That being said, I would have stayed away from the manual transmissions (Getrag MT-82) as they were Chinese made and had a host of issues, later subject to a class-action lawsuit.

I looked at the Carfax history. The car was kept in Arizona, then Georgia by two previous owners. One put 13k miles the other put 3k miles. So, the car has been rarely used much. I do punch it time to time, but I don't do dumb crap like burnouts or donuts. I also did research furthermore and did find out about the terrible Manual transmissions that these Mustangs have, even up to the 18 model. Not to mention, the hood peeling paint with high mileage.