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Top 10 Most Stolen Cars in 2020 (US Market)


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For our members who are looking for their next car in the US, here is a Top 10 list of most stolen cars in 2020 as compiled by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).  Some relatively new cars (model year 2019 and 2020) make the list.  The pickup trucks are not differentiated (light vs. heavy duty).


Here is the link to Top 10 most stolen cars in each state:

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If you don't want your vehicle stolen, get one with a manual transmission.


Notice how GM and Ford pickups are at the top of list.

Dodge is all the way at the bottom. LoL  


I noticed something odd. Lots of pickup trucks and sedans, looking like whatever sells the most gets stolen the most. But where are the SUVs? There sure are a lot on the roads around me.

CR-V is the only one in the top 10. That is puzzling.


I find it interesting that in the list of stolen cars by state, some states show almost the exact same cars while others show cars that you would never expect to be stolen more often.


Are you tired of having your car stolen?


Buy a Volkswagen! Nobody steals those!

why doesn't anybody want to steal my Hyundai??? LoL
Please take it.


I'm kind of surprised that there weren't a lot of sports cars listed.

they usually have more sophisticated antitheft measures. And also manual gearboxes.

There also isn’t as much demand for them or their parts.  Cars are sometimes stolen simply for their parts, especially expensive ones like the Cats.