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Toyota Cross AWD opinions


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Scotty, what do u think of the Toyota Corolla cross Le AWD, vs. the Rav4. 

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IMHO, the Corolla Cross is an interesting addition to the lineup. 

Historically speaking the RAV4, for most of its lifetime was derived from the Corolla platform. So the RAV4 was the compact counterpart to the Corolla. 

That changed with the latest generation. The RAV4 is now built on the Camry platform. So even though it is still categorized as a compact SUV, it really is borderline midsized SUV. At least it has the underpinnings of a midsized SUV. 

So where does the Corolla Cross come in? IMHO, it’s basically what the RAV4 would have been, had they not upsized the RAV4. 

Both are great vehicles. 

If you need something bigger, get the RAV4, if you need something smaller, get the Cross. 



The Toyota Corolla Cross has been out for 1 year (North American market) and although nothing serious has happened yet, I'd still be careful when buying one.


The Corolla Cross LE AWD is almost $27k, Just add a tiny bit and get a RAV4 LE!

Not only is the RAV4 a bigger and better car and it gets similar gas millage.


Currently, anything but the base Corolla Cross doesn't make sense, it has all of the cons of a compact and none of the pros.

If Toyota will begin selling a reasonable hybrid variant, like the 1.8L efficiency-oriented powertrain that's capable of 54 mpg, in addition to the upcoming 2.0L performance-oriented one rated at 37 mpg - then it's going to make much more sense.