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Cants find the issue/cause of weird squealing.


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Hi. Im currently commuting to school, and I drive a 2005 Honda Civic Sedan, i have just recently hit 100,000 miles on it.

And over this past year I’ve had a weird squealing that only occurs when I’m using the accessories in the car. For example if I run the defrost or AC my cars engine gets louder and then the belt will start squealing.

I’ve had the belt replaced and at the beginning of the year and it only helped for about a week then after a blizzard it started squealing again. I’ve had a mechanic look at it every 2-3 months when I get an oil change and they even tightened the belt which didn’t seem to help or hurt the squealing at all.

Also some of my accessories are functional and then not at times. For example my A/C and Defrost buttons will have the light that helps highlight it in the dark be out, but other times only one will be out, or they’ll all be lit. Another issue I’ve noticed is that my passenger door wouldn’t lock or unlock via the switch or electronically. However something weird happened and both of those accessories have been fully functional and haven’t had any issues with either of them. And all that I did was use the steering fluid repair on the steering system bc the seals started to have a slow leak.

But now I have a new issue that wasn’t prevalent before, which is now my car squeals while driving with the head lights on. It’s not a constant squeal or has bad as the one when I have the defrost/AC on but it’s off and on for the whole ride. And the squealing really occurs a lot when I have to brake, turn or accelerate. Oh and in idle when the defrost/AC is on, if it’s not squealing you can a small squeak like the belt is having small slippage or is on the verge of full blown squealing. And one more thing that may help with diagnosing the issue, I can a small ticking sound/clicking that I wanna say coming from the driver side of the engine. 
I’ve had a couple things I wonder what it could be cause. I’ve thought maybe it was the AC compressor at first after the squealing came back from replacing the belt and getting it tightened. Then I thought it could be a pulley. But then i wondered would it cause the accessory issues that I had? 

So if anyone gots any ideas on this I would very much appreciate it. I hate having to fear that my car could just break down on me one day while commuting to the next city for school.

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Rent a belt removal tool from an auto parts store, AutoZone has them. Take the belt off and wiggle the pulleys up and down, side to side and try to move them in and out. If they have play, that's the cause of the noise. Spin the accessory pulleys and feel for grittiness and binding. Replace any accessory or pulley that is binding. You can also look for the belt wiggling slightly when the engine is running. It should stay parallel to the pulleys. If it moves relative to the pulleys, there's an issue with that pulley.