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First Oil Change on new car?


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Hey scotty, love your videos! I ordered a new Elantra and I was wondering when to do my first oil change? I am thinking maybe after the first 1000 km (break-in period for Hyundai) just to get any metal particles out of the engine that may shred off during the break-in process or any dust left from manufacturing. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks!

Much love from Alberta, or Texas of Canada as I call 😉

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It won't hurt to do it after the initial break in period especially given it's a Hyundai. And after that change your oil and filter every 3 to 5k miles depending on your driving (city vs. highway). As Scotty says oil and filter is cheap but engine is expensive.


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no. Just follow your normal schedule.

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7000 miles

Hyundai and Kia motors are notorious for prematurely burning oil. This will just hasten the wear process that leads to it. 


7000 miles