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AC doesn’t work in my 2008 CR-V


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My wife drives a Honda CR-V 2008 with 195,000 miles on it. Only complaint she has is that the A/C doesn’t work. It blows air just not cold, but the heater works. Checked the A/C compressor and the other fans and they’re not moving at all.  I recently did her oil change, and while under there I saw a leak a bunch of dried up fluid on what I think is the transmission. (It’s the other metal box thing next to the engine oil and filter) there’s a hole in it, and I checked the transmission dipstick and it barely has any fluid, it’s below the low fill line… *i’d upload a picture but im unsure how*

Use sharing websites for uploading the picture/video (imgure, YouTube,...) and post the link here.

I tried to take the best pictures I could, hope this helps

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It's probably low on refrigerant after 14 years. What kind of pressure does a manifold gauge set indicate when you hook it up? Below about 20 psi the low-pressure safety cutout will turn off the compressor to prevent damage.

"Metal box thing" doesn't give us much to go on. For posting photos you must have missed item #8 when you read the "Read this first" posting pinned to the top of the main page. In short, upload photos to a file sharing site and post the link here.

If your transmission is low on fluid better top it up or you'll burn it out.

Yea😅 that was pretty stupid of me, sorry about that! I hope this helps, I don’t have the money for a jack and stands so I just have ramps. I apologize again, thank you for your help so far

It's no problem, a lot of people overlook that stuff, just pointing it out for future reference.

Did the pictures come out clear enough?


For checking the transmission fluid level be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions in your owner's manual. On most vehicles I've worked with you check trans fluid hot with the engine idling and transmission in park or neutral. However those are older models and yours may require a different procedure. If you overfill the transmission it can blow seals out.

I’ll try and fill it up when she gets back from work, it’s just intimidating because there’s a possibility I could mess this up. I’ll watch videos on YouTube for the time being on how to do it

As long as you follow the manufacturer's procedure and use their specified transmission fluid you should be OK.