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What is the most reliable convertible?


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With summer coming around, I was looking to buy a convertible or coupe of some sort. I was looking at the Toyota Solara, but I see they have a oil burning problem. I also thought of the Volvo c70 but I don't know how reliable it is. Any suggestions on coupes and convertibles to buy?

Budget is around 3-8k

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Get a V6 Solara. They don't have the oil burning issue. 

Any other convertibles I should consider?


Mazda Miata with manual transmission if 2 seats are sufficient.


V6 mustangs can be a decently reliable one, assuming it wasn't abused by the previous owner. But usually those that abuse them want the V8. If you can find a V6 one from an older person, it's not bad. 


My 63 Corvair. Or if you want real class, a 1975 Cadillac Eldorado. 500 cu. in. V8

I am looking for more of a daily driver.


1966 Mustang convertible with the 289 V8.

And collectible as well.

My 1967 Rambler convertible with 343 V8 has been quite reliable but I have a feeling the OP isn't looking for anything quite that old. LoL

Too bad. The old ones were simple and very reliable, IMO.  They were engineered and built before the term "Planned Obsolescence" was invented.