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Transmission Engagement issue from Reverse to Drive


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Hi Scotty and all,

I have RAV4 2009 model Japan spec with 4 speed auto transmission. And on every start, if I reverse the car a bit and put in Drive Mode it doesn't go forward. After pushing the gas peddle for 20-30 secs the gear engages with a hard jerk. This only happens from Reverse to Drive mode. The transmission shifts fine from 1,2,3 to 4th gear. It doesn't happen when I directly put to drive from park. Would like to know the possible solutions.

Thank you.

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Well  change the filter and fluid. Pray that helps. It means there's some internal either wear or clogged up stuff. Not letting the transmission fluid pressure build up fast enough

Thank you very much for your response. Have changed the filter and fluid twice within 20000 Kms and still the same.

There are no codes. Was thinking if changing the pressure solenoid will help.

Checked with local mechanics and their only advice is to install a new transmission. Any further advice / recommendation is highly appreciated. Thank you.