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So quick but couple of dumb question?

Who is responsible 

1 if the car was stolen because of any provable negligence on the part of the company, 

2 if the thief works for the parking company.

3 if the thief stole the key from the valet station because of negligence of the parking attendant

4 if car got damaged by valet when parking 

5 what should I do next if they caint find my car 

6 if they did found my car but it was in bad she who is responsible 


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This is why lawyers exist.

If something happens, you can sue the valet company. Sometimes if there is a minor scratch/scuff, the company will agree to repair it at their cost. I've seen that happen.


You know the valet ticket you get from the valet?

Give it a read. They explain some of the questions you ask. 

Also, look at the valet stand, sometimes the fine print is written right on their stand. 


You are responsible for your belongings. If it happens to you then call the police and sue the valet company for any damages.


People who use Valet Parking should be required to get a Frontal Lobotomy.

Maybe they ALREADY had a frontal lobotomy, Doc!

That's a 10-4.