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Should I buy this 2002 Mazda B3000?


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Dear Scotty,

Want to buy used 2002 Mazda B3000 dual sport 3.0-L V-6 OHV 16V manual RWD with 50,250 miles from dealership

I want to buy the above vehicle from a local dealership. They are charging $13,400. I reviewed the CarFax report which shows 1 owner and the following

Done at 43,000 miles in Jan 2009

  • Cooling system checked
  • Transmission fluid changed
  • Antifreeze/coolant flushed/changed
  • Tire(s) balanced
  • Tires rotated
  • Fuel filter replaced
  • Fluids checked
  • Drivability/performance checked
  • Transmission fluid flushed

Done at 46,900 miles in Aug 2014

  • Oil and filter changed
  • Serpentine belt replaced
  • Brake booster replaced/repaired
  • Air filter replaced
  • Brake fluid flushed/changed
  • Brake master cylinder replaced/repaired
  • Brake light switch replaced

Done at 47,100 miles in Jan 2015

       Brake master cylinder replaced/repaired


Are these a part of the routine maintenance schedule? Or does this much work suggest something is wrong and that's why it has such low mileage? How much would you pay for it? $13,300 sounds way above market price. In my search for a Mazda B series truck I've been seeing a lot of Mazda B series trucks with such low mileage for a 10 year truck (why?)


Can't say thank you enough!

Much appreciated.


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Wayyyyy too much money for an almost 20yr old truck..

Keep looking.


It seems expensive for a truck that age even if all that work was really done. Seals and rubber components degrade over time regardless of mileage. Cars are made to be driven not stored. The B3000 is made by Ford. It's a rebadged Ranger not a true Mazda but still a good truck. Don't hesitate to look at Rangers.


that's about $10000 too much IMO


A 20 year old truck with 50K miles - LIE.

Coming from a dealer - LIE.


2009 B2300 25,028 miles in CA
2008 B4000 62,501 miles in OH
2008 B2300 82,651 miles in OH
2002 B3000 32,250 miles in MO
2000 B3000 77,810 miles in CA
2001 B2300 99,758 miles in CA
2004 B3000 73,952 miles in VA
2006 B3000 50,430 miles in PA

It seems like the lie is occurring nationwide. What are these dealers doing to have low mileage on these Mazda trucks?


Well I guess I am seeing it on 20 year old Ford Rangers too..... so it's not a Mazda thing, but in general thing


So be wary about low miles in old vehicles in general?


Absolutely correct.