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Why are my tires squealing when rolling on slow speed?


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My 04 Suburban, 190k miles, has a squeal noise coming from the tires on slow speeds. Greased up the brake pads, front and back, hoping that that would fix the problem. Which I already knew it wouldnt. It did nothing. What could it be?

On another note. The horn also doesn't work. But when I test drove the truck yesterday, the horn worked just fine. But this morning it ain't. Could it be the clock spring thats gone bad? The air bag light has been on for months as well. Looked it up online and it all poinst that it could be. What do ya'll think?

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ones question per post please.

Is there anything rubbing on the tire? You'll have to look behind it. Are the tires in good condition?

Other than that, get a wheel alignment done.

Ok, I'll post a second question for the clock spring. Tires are practically new. Maybe a year old each. Checked all four when greasing the brake pads an nothing out of the ordinary.