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Avoid Scam Products


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Don't get suckered into

Scam Products

"If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is."


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  5. Why does my car consume so much fuel, and how can I improve fuel economy?
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Yeah post the shot cuz I don't do any commercials but people are often take pictures of me and use them without my permission

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OBD Dongles

If your fuel economy could be improved with a stupid little chip, then cars would come with them.

The little box contains nothing but blinking lights. However, due to awful manufacturing quality, they could potentially harm to your vehicle.


They go by many names ...

  • Effuel
  • ecodrivefuel
  • Original Nitro OBD2
  • Eco OBD2
  • Super OBD2
  • Spitfire Tuning Performance Chip 
  • Smartfuel OBD
  • Fuel Save Pro
  • Fuel Shark
  • Miles

  • What is actually inside of them:
  • October, 2022:

    It seems that skyrocketing fuel prices have spurred the makers of this old scam to release a new scammier generation of the "eco OBD2" dongle. Now with 15% more lies!

  • November, 2022:

    Introducing the latest scam gadget ... the "Neosocket". Now with 20% more lies!


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Fuel Additives
  • X-Cap MPG Extreme pills
  • Govvi fuel pellets
  • Liquids you pour into the fuel tank

Often, these are just disguised MLM (pyramid) schemes. (Think Amway etc.)


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Other scams



  • Devices for "EMP protection."

Protect your electronics ... by using electronics.



  • "HHO" or "Oxyhydrogen" generators

It's what the oil companies "really don't want you to know". Well everyone knows about them, and nobody is able to demonstrate a pratical one.  Just maybe the hucksters are trying to make a quick buck from unsuspecting suckers.

This Is What Happens When You Use An HHO Generator In A Car (Jalopnik)



  • Special air filters, housings, ducts, and pretend turbochargers.
  • Fins that you affix to the body of the vehicle.

None of them work. Cars already come maximally optimized. There is very little that can be improved upon and the last 1% of energy theoretically available isn't worth spending money towards.


  • "Electromagnetic rust inhibitor modules"


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Some con artists have used stolen footage of Scotty in their marketing videos. Scotty has stated unequivocally that he will never do any advertisements or paid product promotions/endorsements.

Every single one of the devices are frauds. Don't fall for it.


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What manufacturers say ...


GM: Statement concerning Fuel Additives, Alternate Fuels, and "Miracle" Products