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Vehicle makes noises


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There are noises coming from my vehicle


Blower motor

  • A fast rattle/whine/hum heard in the cabin, only when the air is turned on
  • Replace blower motor


Belt driven accessories:

  • Comes from under the hood
  • Squeal is a worn belt, or one of the accessories is failing
  • Can be heard even when vehicle isn't moving
  • Usually a 'fast' sound like a rattle
  • Goes away when you remove the serpentine belt (if not, it's coming from the engine)

Manually rotate the pulleys and tensioners. If you feel resistance or slop, replace that part


Motor mounts:

  • Clunks when you put it in gear, or press the accelerator
  • Replace motor mounts



  • If you hear non-repeating clunks or pops when braking or turning, then you have a worn suspension joint. (balljoint, strut, etc.)
  • Jack up the vehicle, then with your hands, rock the wheel in various directions
  • Try spraying lube on a joint to see if it makes squeaks/groans go away.



  • Only heard when vehicle in motion
  • If the sound is repetitive, and repeats more quickly the faster you go, then it's likely worn CV joints.
  • Replace the axle.
  • (RWD & 4WD) Vibration in the vehicle body, especially at higher speed is often seized up universal joints on the driveshaft.
  • Sound from front wheels, louder at low speed, is typically a worn wheel bearing. Can make a variety of sounds: crunching, scraping, howling, growling. Replace.


  • Check that exhaust pipes/mufflers etc. are in good condition, not rusted apart, and hangers are intact. If the exhaust shifts and makes contact with another part of the car then it can vibrate.
  • Check the exhaust heat shields. When they come loose then make a loud, high pitched rattle, like empty tin cans.


  • If you only notice the sound while braking, then it's a brake issue.
  • Inspect brakes.


Wheel balance:

  • If rhythmic noise/vibration is detected at higher speeds, then tire(s) is likely unbalanced, underinflated, tread-separated etc.
  • Swap front and back wheels and see if it changes.
  • Get wheels balanced.
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