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[Solved] 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT cranks but won’t start


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Okay, i have a 1995 Mitsubishi 3000gt. Automatic transmission. Engine model 6G72. I have done some work to it after throwing it out of time and trying to start it. Replaced all the valves, and have rebuilt it back to spec. One problem though, it will not start now. It will purr like a kitten all day long if you spray gas or starting fluid in the intake. Apart from that, it will not catch on its own. New fuel pump. New fuel filter. New camshaft position sensor. New crank position sensor. I can hardwire the fuel pump and it tries to start, but just wont commit. Please help.

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Already tried following the steps in this video?


I would fuel pressure test it. If that's good then I would suspect the fuel injection.


Fuel pressure regulator?

Haven't replaced that yet, but its in the batters box



I sill have the same issue, I just replaced the cas today and still no spark and fuel, I also have no dash life and the guages don’t work. Any reason for this problem?

It was after I changed the Clutch Slave cylinder, I tried to start and bleed it but the car made a dead battery sound and stopped working when I charged the battery up. Till this day I still don’t know the issue 


Check to see if you have sparks on the spark plugs.

Doubt it's a spark issue, he says it runs if you feed it in the intake

Like I said, it purrs like a kitten if you spray gas or starting fluid in the intake

Check the fuel pressure regulator