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AC isn't cold


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Hi Scotty! I hope your move to Tennessee has gone well so far. Houston, Texas misses you for sure. As a former Houstonite, you know my desperate need for cold air in my vehicle. Recently, I have taken on my childhood van as a "fun" project. In doing so, I initially found a vacuum issue since the a/c would move to defrost upon acceleration. After scouring many videos, I identified the vacuum lines causing this issue and installed a reservoir and check valve. I have plenty of air flow now but I am not getting the cold air I am looking for (test thermometer showing 80 degrees). I have tried to add a touch more Freon but didn't want to add too much. While reading the gauges, I am seeing 50PSI on the low and 200PSI on the high. This is at 95 degrees with your normal Spring/Summer humidity here in Houston. My compressor does cycle on an off but not short cycling. I can't see my vacuum changes causing this issue (but I could be wrong). Could this possibly be a blend door actuator issue, clogged orifice tube, or just a faulty compressor? It might be worth mentioning that I have rear air control too. Both front and rear do have some condensation drips. 


2003 Ford E250 High Top Econoline

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As old as that thing is it could be a zillion things but I would advise evacuating the system out with a vacuum pump then filling it with a factory load by weight of refrigerant. If it's still in blow cold enough for my experience with those normally means the compressor is just worn