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2006 Mercedes Benz CLS500 4 door Coupe


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I am trying to sell my car but pretty unsure what to sell it for. This car is a beauty. Drives well and all. Except tye other day someone ran into me and damaged my front. It's not hanging off or anything. But.... Not as pretty as before. It's at 161k miles. Now with the damage, it also needs a muffler part so it sounds like a motorcycle during acceleration . It's a dual muffler. The bracket on the right side muffler came off. What do you think? It's been tuned up, factory tires, leather seats. I don't want to sell it for too cheap either. What do you all think it's worth? 

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You can go to or and get a value for it if you have the vin number.  I have a 2000 Mercedes-Benz S500 that is in perfect condition and is worth nothing maybe 2500 dollars.  I think you will find its not worth very much but that is what I use.  Might be best to keep yours a while longer.  Cars are so expensive right now.

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I'll try that. Thank you.