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Used Junkyard OEM axle or aftermarket axle?


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2010 Honda Civic CV Axle Failed

Hey guys, I have a quick question for you. So I bought a TRQ branded (1A Auto) CV axle for my Civic around a month or two ago and yesterday the boot that joins to the wheel hub had came off unfortunately. Grease is going everywhere on my rim but still drives and operates fine. No clicking or grinding whatsoever. I want to buy a new one for it because I do not want to buy aftermarket and keep replacing them every year or so if that's the case. Probably had bad luck with aftermarket but changing CV axles is a hassle cause Its something I want to be one and done with. I have two options, I asked Raxles for a quote on their new left driver side CV axle for my Civic and haven't heard back yet. My other option is a used 69K Mile OEM junkyard CV axle and its on E-bay. They have 6 month warranty and make sure parts are working correctly before selling them. I looked up the vin and the car was hit from behind and not the front so it seems like something I could get instead of aftermarket to be safe. I wanted to see what opinions you guys have on it just in case before I buy whichever one. Please let me know, really appreciate it. Thanks. 

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I'm not a big fan of using junkyard parts, especially on cars that are 14 years old. You're buying a 14-year-old part and you're praying that it's not damaged. I personally buy axles from AutoZone all the time and they've always worked fine for me

Thanks for the reply Scotty, do you have any brands you recommend from autozone? The main reason why I wanted to do OEM was because Its something I wanted to be one and done with. Not sure which one I should get because a lot of people say not to go with aftermarket when it comes to CV axles.

I doubt that you're going to have much of a brand selection at Autozone
Just pay the extra $15 to buy that brand's "premium option" that has a lifetime warranty and you'll be ok