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How do I fix thumping sound from front end


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Hi Scotty, long time follower and a local Tennessean as well. I am contacting you regarding my 2014 Chevy Tahoe LTZ with 197,000 miles. Over the last year, I have replaced the upper & lower control arms including the ball joints on both sides with Mevotech TTX’s heavy duty control arms, front & rear shocks and CV joints with OEM AC Delco parts. I also put on new rotors, pads and Michelin tires about 10,000 miles ago.

My neighbor is a mechanic friend who has helped me a lot and done all the installation work for me. After the initial installation of my front shock/strut assembly, the OEM shock on the front driver side broke less than a week after install. The top rod completely snapped off the lower half of the shock. It was making a loud screeching noise over bumps like a squeaky coil spring and I felt and heard a continuous thumping noise when I’d turn to the right or left. A code came up that designated a bad shock sensor and he replaced with another OEM AC Delco shock. Problem solved.

All that said, my truck recently started making another repetitive thumping noise coming from the front driver side when I turn to the right immediately after I had my tires rotated at Discount Tire. I brought it back a few days later and they rotated the tires back to the original placements and balanced all the wheels again thinking that would solve the thumping noise. They inspected each tire and everything looked good. Unfortunately the noise was still there after the tires were back to the original placements so i know it’s not the tires. I also have had alignments done after every job was done throughout the past year.

I spoke with my friend and he recommended changing the CV Joints. I ordered OEM AC Delco CV joints and he installed. The noise is STILL there when I turn to the right and the noise is getting louder and I can feel it more now than I could a few weeks ago. I asked if he thought it was the hub assembly which I replaced 2 years ago. I bought an aftermarket hub assembly from Napa and gave no consideration to the brand at that time. There’s no shake in the wheel when it’s jacked up indicating the bearings are not bad. The only conclusion I can think of is the shock is going bad again, causing the tires to wear unevenly and creating noise when I turn to the right. The screeching noise is similar to the noise I heard when the shock needed replacement the first time but I don’t know…I’m no mechanic.

Given all the parts I have replaced, what do you think this could be? Thank you for all the recommendations throughout the years!!

I think it’s the accelerometer on the top of the strut mount under the hood. It threw a code, that’s all I remember.

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that's the first time I've heard of a shock sensor