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2020 Ford F-150 Using Excessive Oil


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Hi, I have a 2020 F-150 5.0L V8 that’s using excessive oil, and I learned there’s a class action lawsuit about it. How can this become a recall that would require Ford to fix? What is the site that consumers can post their auto issues to, that can make it a recall issue?

Noticed oil consumption on my '19 F150 5.0 - took in to Ford and they performed the TSB - works great with no more oil consumption since. Here is some great info:

Thanks, good video.

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"How can this become a recall that would require Ford to fix? What is the site that consumers can post their auto issues to, that can make it a recall issue?"

First off Ford would first have to care about their customers lives and not let their customers' engines fail on highways

Second of all, start off at and repairpal 

Third of all, sue Ford

      details @   Mod_man but I won't ping him because I think he's sick of me pinning him about Ford

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4th of all, never buy a Ford again

I'm not sure if it works like this, but since its a safety issue for the engine to blow up because of low oil and be stuck in the middle of the road, you could report it to the NHTSA.

Here is what he went through:
I've been a Ford man all my life. And when it came time for them to stand behind their product, they showed me exactly what they think of their customers.

I'll tell this story again, so if you've heard it just skip my reply: I purchased a brand new 2018 F150 XLT Crew Cab with the 5.0L V8 and 10-speed automatic. It had 5 miles on it when I took delivery.

By 800 miles, it had gone through 2 quarts of oil. I took it to the dealer. They told me "Its just breaking in. Add some and the usage will go down after 1000 miles." So I did.

At 1800 miles, it had chewed through another 2 quarts and my coolant reservoir was low. Nearly empty. I went back to Ford. This is when they told me they wanted to do an oil consumption test. I had to have them mark the dipstick and return to the dealership 500 miles later for a checkup.

I returned and sure enough, it was low. The dealer called Ford to request a new engine. It was denied on the basis that the truck must travel 3k miles from the time the test starts til it is finished. Even if it already has failed the test at 500 miles, it must go the full 3k. So, away I went.

2000 miles into the test, I started getting BAD rod knock. And I mean I thought it was going to throw one through the block right there. I took it to Ford. At this point, the dipstick was dry. The tech had me leave the truck and gave me loaner.

3 days later, I get a phone call. They opened up my engine and oil was all over everything. Totally ruined. So the service manager had Ford send a crate motor, brand new, and they were going to put that in the truck. But it would take a while because Ford was low on 5.0L V8's (I wonder why).

Fast forward 3 WEEKS, I get a call. The truck is ready. New motor is in. I tell them great. I'll be there tomorrow to pick it up.

The next day, I show up and the service manager comes out. I can't have my truck. I ask why. He tells me Ford found out it only had 2000 miles on it, not the 3k that was required, and they had to pull the good motor back out and put my broken motor back in. He said, "I don't think this motor is going to go another 1,000 miles. But just go as far as you can and when it goes boom, we can put the good motor back in." Absolutely. Asinine. By this point, I have asked Ford to take the truck back. They refused saying it "did not meet the criteria for a buyback." So off I went in my $50k truck with a known bad motor.

4 days and 400 miles later, in the middle of rush hour traffic, it happened. I was on a stretch of road with a 75mph speed limit when it went out in spectacular, smokey fashion. It was 110 degrees outside and I was on the side of the roadway for an hour waiting on a tow. The dealer finally gets a wrecker to tow it to their lot. Naturally, the engine failed due to no lubrication. Ford approves replacement of the motor.

Three weeks later, the new motor is in and I'm driving along. 400 miles on the clock and for grins, I check the oil. 2 quarts low. Great. Knowing what I'll be told, I top it off and go another 500 miles before checking. This time, 2 1/2 quarts low. So, to the dealer. Around this time my transmission had also started shifting hard at highway speeds. I mention these both to the dealer. Dealer says we start the oil consumption test again and they will keep the truck overnight to test the trans.

Next day I get a call: the transmission has had "multiple internal failures" and Ford is sending a replacement. So now my $50k truck has been in the shop forever, the second motor is bad/worse than the first, and it needs a new transmission. All in the first 4 months. At this point, I contact Ford again to request a buyback. I was told, "We have already told you it is not eligible. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US FURTHER WITHOUT A LAWYER." Oh. Well, ok. So I send the case to my attorney's office. He issues a cease and desist order directly to Ford headquarters and demands all communication be taken over by his office. Ford is not to contact me at all.

Two weeks later, the dealer calls. Ford is refusing any further repairs. I said no problem, can I leave the truck on your lot? They say no problem. My dealer was actually very good to me throughout the ordeal, but their hands were tied by Ford.

After months of litigation, some laughable settlement offers from Ford (we will buy it back, but you pay us for the mileage you put on it Laugh ) a lawsuit is formed and a Court date set.

Ford had a team of 8 lawyers at court. What they didn't know was my attorney is head of one of the largest practices in Houston. We brought 12 lawyers. 45 minutes before the case was set to be tried, their top lawyer reached a settlement with my attorney and the case was dropped. Ford had to also pay all my legal fees, of which I had over 300 hours before all was said and done.

It took me a year to end this ordeal and a lot of my time as well. So, that is why will NEVER own another Ford, nor will any of my friends or family. I was a customer for years and had purchased millions of dollars in cars from them over time (over 60 Mustangs alone, mostly for collecting) and they didn't care one bit.
- Mod Man


Sorry to hear about your F150 troubles. As others have said, I went to war with Ford over my 2018 doing the same thing your 2020 is. 


My advice to you would be to get a paper trail going with the dealership. If you haven't done an oil consumption test yet, I would take the truck in, explain your issue, and they will ask you to do one. Most likely they will also replace the PCV valve which was Ford's initial fix (it doesn't work). 


It is going to be super inconvenient because Ford requires an oil level check at the dealer every 200 miles. Yeah, I was stopping by there daily for the 3000 mile interval they require you to drive. Most likely, in the end, they will order you a new long block. You'll have to fight to get it, but hopefully your dealer has your back as mine did. 


Check the Lemon Law in your state and track the number of days the truck is in the shop. For most states, a vehicle must be out of service for 30 days at a minimum before it can be declared a lemon. In Texas, that 30 days does not have to be consecutive. In my case, it was out over 70 days in 4 months. You'll want to call Ford customer service (I'm sorry because this part sucks) and tell them your situation. They will give you a case number. Be sure to record it, you will need it. 


Once the new engine is in, keep an eye on the oil level. It will likely have the same issue. Update Ford customer service. At that point, request a buyback through Ford. One of two things will happen: they will approve it and put you in touch with their RAV (Reaquired Vehicle Team...yes...Ford seriously has an entire team dedicated to doing nothing all day but buying back their lemons), or they will deny it. If they deny it and you have met your state's Lemon Law criteria, hire an attorney and make sure he specializes in Lemon Law cases. They are intricate. A good lawyer will represent you on a contingency basis, meaning you pay nothing if you lose or upfront and if you win they collect their fees from Ford. That is what I did.


Then basically let the attorney handle it, settle in, and relax. My buyback took 12 months and I was in court, 45 minutes before my case was to be called, when Ford finally relented. 


Now, bear in mind you can save ALL this headache by doing what my Dad did when his started eating oil: trade out of it. Thing is your truck is fairly new like mine was, so you'll take a beating on trade and either have to pay off any negative equity or roll it in. Unless your truck is paid for. I don't know your financial situation.


But as for it ever being a recall, that would be up to the NHTSA to determine enough complaints have been made on the issue to force a recall. Ford is a company that sold known bad transmissions in Fiestas and Focuses, so don't expect them to do the right thing.


Best of luck to you my friend.

Thanks, I appreciate it.

You're welcome.


Just FYI - Ford's "fix" is to quietly make their dipstick longer and adjust where the fill holes are to make it LOOK like the engine isn't consuming oil. Typical shady Ford fix.


Nice video! You can think of it this way - either Ford engineered the original dipstick incorrectly or Ford engineered an entirely new dipstick just to fool the consumer. Obviously it's the second choice, but either option doesn't paint Ford in a good light.

Very true. And this is taken at a Ford dealer, so no bias on the technician's side. It's just sad.


For starters, I would sign up and add the issue here:


Hope @mod_man doesn’t mind mentioning him but he’s dealt with this exact issue. I would reach out to him and ask what he went through. (He went through hell to get the issue resolved with Ford). 


I copy pasted it above because I feel bad for him

@USAFdozerpilot You guys can mention me anytime. I'm happy to help. I did go through a lot of grief with Ford over my truck but if I can share my experience and help someone else I'm willing to do it. Appreciate the fact you guys actually read my long winded post on the subject. Lol.

Its reality and if you took the time to write it might as well read it got nothing better to do during the break;)


Supposedly there is progress on the lawsuits. We'll see. I'm a victim of a Ford defect that required a class-action lawsuit with my 15 Focus automatic, and the settlement was pretty bad. Hopefully the lawyers make Ford fix it.


Noticed oil consumption on my '19 F150 5.0 - took in to Ford and they performed the TSB - works great with no more oil consumption since. Here is some great info: