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98 Plymouth breeze 2.0 base


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I just purchased this car and the next day the timing belt broke it has 76000 miles on it and I have it torn down to replace timing belt I am curious about the possibility of bent valves and is that a DIY problem. How would I check without dismantling it to see if the valves are ok or not

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A bore scope through the spark plug holes will help with this task. If there was slight contact and a valve is slightly bent, this may be tough to see with a borescope, but it will definitely reveal any major damage. I didn't think that engine was new enough to have an interference valvetrain, but a quick Google search says it does. Usually a piston/ valve strike is pretty obvious when it happens, it's a pretty catastrophic thing. Piston heads get destroyed, the valves get smashed up into the cams, etc. You may have gotten lucky and not had it happen. 

Thanks for the speedy reply I appreciate it.