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2007 Ford F-150 ABS module failure


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Issue has already been fixed just looking for some root cause from pros.

  2007 F150 had noise in Noise in the driveline so I lifted it so I could run it in 4WD and listen to the driveline. That issue is also resolved (pinion bearing)
 Wheels were Spinning at around 10 mph when I located the noise and then applied the brake to stop them. Immediately got ABS and brake light illumination and a code for ABS computer failure. 
  The ABS system would have activated as it assumed all wheels locked up since this is basically what the system would do normally had I for instance hit the brakes at 10 mph on an ice sheet, Did I just get lucky finding a bad component before I actually had to rely on it doing its job or did I cause the fault?
 Fortunately I found an ABS controller at a junkyard and was able to install and program it in my garage. Total repair cost was less than $30 but I’d still like to know what happened.
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The wheels have to be on the ground for the ABS system to sense loss of traction.  It has to have something to compare it too, not just free spinning.

Thanks for the Reply Doc. I may have asked the question awkwardly. What I’m trying to figure out is if the wheels suddenly stopping When the brakes were applied would have caused the ABS ECU to fry itself and that I should have pulled the abs fuse before running the vehicle lifted off the ground, or if it fried because it was going to fail anyway next time it actually had to operate in a stop.
Appreciate the help.