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Which spacious agile car should I buy?


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Hi Scotty,

I hope this is the right spot to write my question.

It's been couple months now that I watch your channel and I wanted to say thank you. I'm learning a lot from your channel, you seem like an honest guy and go straight to the point!

I'm thinking of buying a new car by the next 3-5 years, I'm in no hurry and will probably want to buy it brand new if possible to be the only owner.

I'm 6ft1, searching for a car that I can fit inside without touching the driving wheels with my legs (yes my sweet Corolla I'm talking about you), that can respond quickly, enough power to have fun with it but also not sucking dry my wallet everytime I go to the gaz station, manual transmission, reliable, and not to complex for me to be able to fix it if any issue.

I've already did my research on this but I wanted the advice of a pro that can maybe help me to avoid bad choices.

Also, I really want to get better at mechanic (as a hobby) if you have other recommendations than watching your videos, I'm all ear!


Sorry about my English, I'm still learning.


Name your price for those questions.


Thank you!

What results did your research yield? Which cars did you shortlist?

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It’s impossible to satisfy all your constraints so it’s important to prioritize them.  But, to have a manual and come as close as possible to satisfying the rest of your constraints, I recommend a 2019/2020 Honda Accord with the 2.0L turbo I4.  Note that the manual went away in the Accord sometime for the 2020 model year.  One of our esteemed members Mod_Man is much taller than you (6’8”) and fits in his 2020 Honda Accord (w/ 10-speed AT), so it’s “tall guy” approved.

@daywalker Dang I didn't Mod_Man is that tall.

didn't know*


I fit just fine in my 2020 Accord, as @Daywalker said. There are not many cars I'm comfortable in, but this one works for me. The wife's 2015 Camry is a little tighter but still livable in a pinch. I've driven it on road trips so it is possible but the Accord is much more comfortable.


Finding a roomy car with a manual transmission is a “tall” order.

I think DW is on it with the accord.  A bit vanilla, but performance is better than the image would suggest.  

I also think the WRX should be on your short list; “agile” as all get out, and at 6’ I fit just fine with room to spare.  Or, if you are willing to go without rowing your own gears, the Camry XSE has about the highest performance x reliability in the industry 

Or, thinking outside the box: for a different kind of agile, you might look at the new Bronco.  7-speed manual. And in your time frame, you can wait to see how reliability works out and until prices drop.  Just a thought.


Get a camera they're great cars and have plenty of room

Camera = Camry in modern slang

Thank you for the advice Scotty.

Have a good one!